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Bipacco Coatings


Bipacco Coatings is located in Cuba, Missouri, about 80 miles southwest of St. Louis. Our rural location keeps overhead low, and we employ rural Missourians with a strong quality and work ethic. We offer a comprehensive line of industrial paints and coatings, most with an acrylic base for easy application, quick cleanup and a durable finish which will persist for years.

Bipacco Coatings started out as a paint supplier to the inland waterways trade, founded by the current president Anthony J. Brady after having worked in the industry as a applicator and sales representative in the St. Louis area. Having seen the way conventional paints and coatings negatively affected the people who worked with and around them, Brady founded the company on the basis of “Safe, user-friendly coatings for the environment and applicators, but that performance would not be sacrificed.”

Our full line of water-reducible and environmentally friendly paint and coatings, is available here.

But even that was not enough. Brady and his paint chemists have further refined two products to make them not only OSHA-compliant but environmentally friendly. The first was Eco-Tred, a work, residential and industrial non-skid floor coating which uses ground up recycled tires to achieve sure footing, not embedded sand nor other rougheners. And the second is Soyathane, a coating made almost entirely from soy and soy products. Bipacco is continuing to work on products made in America by American workers which are also kind to the environment and any workers at any stage of the game — transport, application, and which stands up to tough use and abuse in the transportation industries.

Try our products. You will be glad you did.